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The Women's Roundtable



PRACTICAL WELLNESS: Affordable, Approachable Strategies for a Happier Mind & Healthier Body

Wednesday, March 21, 2018   6 – 8 pm

Join us for another gathering of The Women’s Roundtable, an opportunity to meet in friendly conversation with wine and hors d’oeuvres, and to be inspired by the evening’s guest speaker, who will focus on strategies to enhance our health and well-being.

Liz O’Carroll, Founder of Misfit Wellness, will share information with us on:

  • Integrating self-care into your everyday daily routine
  • Staying active without breaking the bank
  • Stress management tools to use anywhere, anytime
  • Eating healthy on a budget

Bell Investment Advisors’ office
1111 Broadway, 16th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607
City Center Parking accessible from 11th Street at Clay

There is no fee to attend this event.

Space is limited. Reservations for you (and a guest, if you wish) are required.
800.700.0089, ext. 100 or

You can check out Liz’s website:
Image produced by Misfit Wellness/Elizabeth O’Carroll



Inspiring All Girls to Be Strong, Smart and Bold: An evening with Girls Inc. of Alameda County

Wednesday, September 27, 2017    6 – 8 pm

Julayne Virgil, CEO of Girls Inc. of Alameda County, will discuss how Girls Inc. prepares local young women for college, career, and leadership.

Elisa Campos, Girls Inc. alumna and recent college graduate, will share her insights and personal experience.

You will learn about the research-based programming designed to empower girls at every stage of their development.

We expect this will be an inspiring evening. Come join us!



Breaking Barriers One Note at a Time: The Story of Olga Samaroff
Wednesday May 17, 2017, 6 – 8 pm

Referred to as ‘The Eleanor Roosevelt of Music’, Olga Samaraoff was a groundbreaking concert pianist who made tremendous strides in the early part of the 20th century.  In a time of considerable gender bias, Olga self-produced her debut at Carnegie Hall in 1905, becoming the first woman to play at the venue, all before women in the U.S. were even allowed to vote.  Ms. Donna Kline, documentarian and classical pianist, will guide us through Olga’s compelling story of perseverance.




Four Tips for Women Investors (that also work for men)

Investing in Ourselves at Various Life Stages

Stocks, Not Stockings

Saving for Retirement:
What Will Be Your Story?

Meet Their Needs for a Lifetime

Saving for Retirement

FOCUS (in the series Taking Charge of Your Financial Future)

Money Talks. So Should We.

Prepare Now for Retirement Later

Taking Charge of Your Financial Future

The Women’s Roundtable

Giving and Your Financial Plan

Family First

Resources for Financially-Savvy Kids


Helping Your Teen Find a Summer Job
and/or a Worthwhile Summer

The Woman Investor

The Power of No

The women at Bell Investment Advisors have been pleased to host a wine and cheese event for women several times each year since January 2014. Our purpose is to provide a warm, enriching environment in which to share ideas that impact our lives — financially and otherwise. Sometimes we invite guest speakers to present on topics that harmonize with our firm’s philosophy, Making a Good Life Happen®, and with our three offers: Investment Management, Financial Planning, and Career/Life Coaching. These events tend to attract a lively group of interesting, diverse, professional women who also find the gatherings to be ideal networking opportunities. Our attendees enjoy themselves and each other and tell us they feel comfortable, welcome, and stimulated by our programming. On occasion we sponsor a special event to which men as well as women are invited.

Some of the topics addressed in past events of The Women’s Roundtable:

  • Taking Charge of Your Financial Future
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Keep Calm and Invest On: Taking the Emotion Out of Your Money
  • Saving for Retirement: Never Too Early, Never Too Late
  • Milestones: Planning for Life Events
  • Creating Positive Social Impact through Values-Based Investing
  • The Business Value of Investing in Women
  • Tell Me Something Good: Discovering positive social impact in Oakland and in your investment portfolio
  • The Collective Power of Women: The History of Oakland’s Women’s Clubs
  • Breaking Barriers One Note at a Time: The Story of Olga Samaroff
  • Inspiring All Girls to Be Strong, Smart and Bold: An Evening with Girls Inc. of Alameda County

The Bell Investment Advisors staff includes both men and women in various roles.

In addition to The Women’s Roundtable events, Bell regularly holds online webinars and lunch and evening events for clients and others on a wide range of topics, including social impact investing, wills and trusts, retirement planning, Social Security, college planning, and financial literacy for young adults.

If you are interested in learning more about The Women’s Roundtable or our other events, please contact our office. If you are interested in any of our services, you are welcome to call to arrange a free consultation with one of our staff. Our receptionist will be able to appropriately direct your inquiry. Call us at 510.433.1066 or 800.700.0089.



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