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Tell Me Something Good:
Discovering positive social impact in Oakland and in your investment portfolio

An evening of local wine and uplifting stories — not to be missed.
Wednesday, September 21, 6 – 8 pm
Cerruti Cellars, 100 Webster, Jack London Square, Oakland, California

  • Hear inspiring stories from the Mayor’s office of community growth and progress.
  • Learn how uses micro-lending to expand opportunities for Oakland small businesses.
  • Find out how to align your money and values to promote positive social change.

Both men and women are invited to attend this special event sponsored by The Women’s Roundtable. There is no fee to attend. Space is limited. Reservations for you (and a guest, if you wish) are required. For inquiries, reservations: contact us at 800.700.0089, ext. 100 or by email at



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Information is plentiful. Grounded assessments are not. Bell Investment Advisors is pleased to offer The Women’s Roundtable, a learning cooperative for and by women. Our aim is to provide an enriching environment in which to learn and share ideas that impact our financial goals.

When we evaluate our overall financial location, do we view it from every angle? Are investments positioned for long-term planning or short-term goals? How can you engage family members in discussions around wealth planning? Can you make your money multitask?

Our goal is to keep things practical—we want to provide thoughtful commentary and be a resource for timely financial news and content. We deliver this through a series of educational seminars on various themes and topics, with diverse perspectives from our expert partners and women facing similar challenges and everyday concerns.

This is our roundtable. Let’s talk.


Join us for quarterly Wine & Cheese Gatherings to discuss financial topics and strategies with a focus
on women.

According to The $14 Trillion Woman, by Kay and DiLeonardi (2009):

  • Women account for 64% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.
  • Women are responsible for 85% of all purchases.
  • Women control an estimated $14 trillion in assets, over 50% of all private wealth.
  • Women handle the money in 85% of families.
  • 50% of all investors are women.

The Women’s Roundtable is featured in Diablo Magazine, read the online article here.

Take charge of your financial future by joining one or all of The Women’s Roundtable events this year.


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