Jaye Roundtree

Senior Operations Associate

Joined Bell: 2003

Hidden Talent: singer, songwriter, and poet

Inspiration: my loved ones and community service

Jaye embodies Bell’s genuine customer service attitude and care. Since joining Bell in 2003, Jaye’s goal has always been for every single call to be answered by a live person–not a recording–and that every person walking into our office is taken care of by a person, not a sign.

Many of the compliments we receive about our client service and care can be traced back to Jaye. She is a natural hostess and planner for frequent Bell events, including seminars, lunch & learns, wine and cheese receptions, staff meetings, client meetings, and parties. 

Jaye has over three decades of customer service experience and prior to joining Bell, Jaye honed her client service skills as a funding communications coordinator and financial services advisor at J.D. Powers Clubs, Inc. She also served as a credit services representative for Providian Financial Corporation and managed a team of 17 security officers as lieutenant for Worldwide Security Associates.

In addition to client service, Jaye is our facilities lead, office manager and the administrative team supervisor. She is a third-term commissioned notary public and a member of the National Notary Association. She is in charge of many Bell mailings, including our monthly client statements. She maintains our client service management system (Junxure) and is also on the Junxure Committee and she assists with a broad range of other administrative tasks and projects.

When Jaye is not at work, her top priority is spending quality time with her family and close friends. She also participates in many charitable activities and volunteers within her community. She is an avid reader of romance and suspense novels and loves taking advantage of online courses on a variety of subjects, including conflict resolution, business writing, and communication skills.

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