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Momentum has always been an inherent feature in financial markets. Trends persist, both up and down, often for years at a time. As part of our investment process, we seek to take advantage of this phenomenon, also known as the persistence of winners and losers. ACTIVE PORTFOLIO ENHANCEMENT®, our proprietary momentum-based growth strategy, is both a quantitative and qualitative investment strategy. It allows us to actively manage portfolios in response to measurable trends in ever-changing global markets and economic conditions. Short-term past performance, when appropriately analyzed, highlights significant trends in the markets. While no one is able to accurately “predict” exactly what is going to happen in the future, we can observe and measure trends, both up and down – what’s working and what’s not working – within sectors, geographic regions, and other segments of the market.

We do not believe that one size fits all when it comes to designing portfolios. Each portfolio is structured to reflect our clients’ specifications as to risk tolerance, age, income, values, lifestyle, goals, and other considerations. That is why we also offer our Stable Growth strategy, which combines our momentum-based growth strategy, ACTIVE PORTFOLIO ENHANCEMENT, with fixed income and alternative investments to increase the income component while toning down the risk. And as part of our fixed income selection process, we offer Cash Reserves Management for investors looking to put their cash to work outside of traditional money market and savings accounts, which offer little in the way of yield today.

All three of these strategies can be used individually or in conjunction with one another to help you build positive momentum for a good life.

Worrying about the future is not the same as planning for it. Whether you are saving for retirement, your children’s education, an out-of-state move, or all three at once, you are going to need a road map to effectively manage the present and future and reach your intended destination.

Our comprehensive financial planning process is designed to help you think more clearly about what is most important to you—quality-of-life issues as well as primary financial concerns—and to obtain the information and tools you need to determine costs. It is unwise and worrisome to gamble with your future. Asking the right questions, developing a plan, and acting on that plan can move you toward the future you want and provide valuable peace of mind.

In addition to a comprehensive financial plan, we offer a variety of more targeted plans. These include a retirement outlook for people who are still working and saving for retirement; a financial outlook for retirees who want to confirm that they are on track for a good post-career life; education planning; budgeting; and risk management analysis to secure and protect your family and assets. We also offer the Making a Good Life Happen® package, a combination of financial planning and career/life coaching services.

At Bell Investment Advisors, we believe that your career should be considered one of your most important financial assets. As such, it also requires active management. Your career is not a noun – something you simply choose and then do for the rest of your life. Your career is much more like a verb, always evolving, changing, and developing along with you. It requires that you continually pay attention to it and manage it wisely. We believe it makes sense for people to seek the help of a professional career and life coach rather than trying to go it alone.

At Bell Investment Advisors, our career and life coaching services will help you:

  • Change careers and/or develop a more satisfying career
  • Move from A to B more quickly than is possible all by yourself
  • Work through issues in your personal and/or professional life that may be blocking you
  • Improve the quality of your life, work, and/or retirement
  • Get clear about who you are, what you want, and develop an actionable plan for arriving at your chosen destination
  • Build positive momentum for a good life.

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