Investment Management

Investment Management — Our Process

We start by listening. We get to know you, who you are and what is important to you. From there, we analyze and design portfolios that are specific to your needs. We are proud to offer a broad inventory of investment strategies, and often use these in tandem to comprehensively meet the particular needs of each client.

As a registered investment advisory firm, we hold ourselves — and are legally held — to the fiduciary standard. This means that we have a legal duty to act in your best interest. We are fee-only advisors, and do not sell any products that involve commissions.


We take time to engage in meaningful dialogue to obtain a thorough understanding of your priorities and goals.
We assess your risk tolerance, perform a tax analysis, and run a Portfolio X-Ray for in-depth analysis.
We determine investment management strategies for each of your accounts, based on your objectives.

Investment Management — Our Strategies

We have an in-house investment research team, leveraging institutional data to optimize individual client accounts. Our investment committee routinely analyzes hundreds of funds for quality positioning for our clients.

For investors who want growth and whose financial goals can tolerate the total risk of the stock market. We use low-cost index funds for investors and accounts that would benefit from optimized tax efficiency.
For investors who want growth and can tolerate the total risk of the stock market. This systematic approach selects securities which share characteristics (factors) that have historically driven competitive returns.
Stable Growth
For defensive investors who want some growth but whose financial goals cannot tolerate the total risk of the stock market. We use bond funds and total return funds to manage risk.
Social Impact
Social Impact filters can be applied to growth-oriented strategies, for investors seeking to align their portfolio with their values, such as through the deliberate inclusion or exclusion of selected industries.

Meet Our Investment Committee

With over 100 combined years of Financial Services experience, our purpose is, To Improve Financial Futures, One Client at a Time. Our investment committee meets on a regular basis to analyze market trends and economic conditions. These key meetings provide the forum for our investment management decisions and actions. We then communicate insights in our monthly client letters, quarterly newsletters, and quarterly investment committee webinars for the benefit of our clients. We work diligently to help you stay on track.

We utilize a team-based approach. Every client receives care from their own Bell team – at least one Investment Advisor and one Relationship Manager. Our team members work collaboratively to ensure that all needs are satisfied.

James F. Bell, CFP®

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Forrest Bell, CFP®

President, Financial Planner & Senior Investment Advisor

Laurent J. Harrison, CFP®

Senior Investment Advisor, Financial Planner

Heidi Crawford

Investment Advisor

Brian R. Baylis

Chief Operations Officer,
Chief Compliance Officer

Ramsay Leimenstoll

Associate Financial Planner

Christina Light

Relationship Manager

Jerene Meissert

Senior Relationship Manager

Antonio Mercado

Relationship Manager

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