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July 2019

Interest Rates, Tariffs, and Economic Growth

Interest rates and their impact on the economy and markets have received significant attention in the media these days — and with good reason. Join Jim Bell, CFP® and Ryan Kelley, CFA® for a discussion of:

  1. The Two Sides of Interest Rate Cuts
  2. Bond Market Year-to-Date Review
  3. The U.S. Treasury Yield Curve Inversion and its Use as a Predictive Measure for Future Recessions
  4. Tariffs Imposed and Proposed on Foreign Goods
  5. Economic Growth Trends — Is the U.S. Economy Losing Momentum?


Presented by:

  • Jim Bell, CFP® — Founder, Chief Investment Officer
  • Ryan Kelley, CFA® — Portfolio Manager


Presentation slides are available upon request. Contact

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