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Making a Good Life Happen®—The Webinar

January 1, 2014

Join us for an opportunity to learn more about our firm's philosophy, "Making a Good Life …Read More

Milestones: Planning for Life Events – seminar

November 1, 2013

The Women’s Roundtable: Milestones – Planning for Life Events seminar …Read More

Introduction to Long Term Care

October 1, 2013

This webinar will introduce you to the basics of long term care: how care is provided, cost of …Read More

Financial Planning for Boomers, Part II

October 1, 2013

Topics include: Creating an investment strategy that supports and pivots with your financial …Read More

Preparing for Tomorrow’s Transitions Today

June 1, 2013

Prepare now for later-stage-of-life transitions, such as children leaving home, career change, …Read More

Making a Good Life Happen®—The Webinar

April 1, 2013

Topics and key message will …Read More

Financial Planning for Boomers, Part I

January 1, 2013

Topics include: education planning, cash reserves strategies, benefits of an insurance review, …Read More

Small Business Tax Planning

October 1, 2012

The webinar will offer a brief outline of income tax planning strategies for small …Read More

Strategies for Surviving Volatile Markets

April 1, 2012

What can one do when the stock market acts like a roller coaster? How does one protect against …Read More

Bhutan: Integrating the Spiritual & Material

April 1, 2012

Join Jim Bell and Bonnie Bell for a slide-enhanced presentation of their recent journey to …Read More

Why Education Planning Should Be Part of Your Financial Plan

March 30, 2012

Get access to the latest thinking and discussion from our March Education Planning …Read More

Making a Good Life Happen in Retirement

January 1, 2012

Join us for an opportunity to learn about our firm’s core philosophy, “Making a Good Life …Read More

Year-End Review and 2012 Preview

December 30, 2011

Join us for a review of market activity and the economic events of 2011, as well as a look forward …Read More

The Logistics of Retirement

October 1, 2011

Join us as we examine the topic of retirement and answer questions our clients often …Read More

Managing Your Cash Reserves in a No-Yield Environment

September 30, 2011

Join us for an in-depth look at how Bell is managing its clients' cash reserves in today's low …Read More

Market Analysis

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“There Are Better Things Ahead Than Any We Leave Behind”
January 6, 2021

As December came to a close, the global equity markets added several percentage points to their …Read More


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Webinar: 2020 Election Impact – What Investors Should Know
October 22, 2020 Presenters: Laurent Harrison, CFP®, Senior Investment Advisor and Financial Planner Ryan Kelley, …Read More

Career/Life Coaching Blog

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Thoughts from Bonnie on Balance in Times of Stress
May 12, 2020

Originally Posted March 15, 2011 Back in 2011, the world was in a different form of crisis. The …Read More