Flexibility Moves the Market Upwards

The U.S. stock market is celebrating its best start to a new year since 1987. Join Bell Investment Advisors for a webinar exploring what the Fed’s and the White House’s flexibility have done for the market, and why it matters.

Flexibility Around Interest Rates
Flexibility Around Inflation
Flexibility Around Trade Policy Negotiations
Jim Bell, CFP®, Founder, Chief Investment Officer

2019 Threats and Opportunities

Join us as we review 2018 and discuss what 2019 may have in store for investors:
Does the poor end to 2018 mean better things for this year?
How will politics and the Federal Reserve factor in?
Will market volatility persist?
Can the global economic slowdown reverse itself?
Jim Bell, CFP®, Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Corinne Salera Bedford, CFP®, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

Mid-Term Aftermath

Join us for our quarterly Investment Committee Update webinar as our presenters discuss timely topics related to the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.

Are the Brightest Days Still Ahead? (Investment Committee Update)

As we mark the nation’s longest bull market on record, our presenters will discuss U.S. Earnings Growth, Consumer Confidence, Trade Disputes and Agreements, International Equities, and U.S. Monetary Policy and the Bond Market.

Is This as Good as It’s Going to Get?

Join us for our quarterly Investment Committee Update online webinar.

The Tariff Tantrum and The Trade Deficit

Tune in to Jim Bell, CFP®, President & Founder, Bell Investment Advisors, as he presents a half-hour online webinar, “The Tariff Tantrum and the Trade Deficit”.

Market Analysis

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