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Bell Investment Advisors is a privately-held, registered investment advisory firm located in Oakland, California, with a satellite office in Santa Rosa.

In addition to providing Investment Management services, we also offer comprehensive Financial Planning and Career/Life Coaching. While these three domains of concern have traditionally been dealt with separately, as if they were completely unrelated fragments of life, we believe they are dimensions of life that can be integrated and managed to produce your own good life. Bell clients have the unique opportunity to take advantage of these offers independently or in any combination.

At Bell Investment Advisors, you will find a team of caring, down-to-earth professionals with expertise in investment management, financial planning, and career and life coaching. Our combined intent is to help you turn your hope for a good life into a plan of action with a cohesive, momentum-based strategy designed to help you maximize your performance now and as you move into the future.

The questions most relevant to building positive momentum and avoiding negative momentum in your portfolio, career, and life are these: What’s working?, What’s not?, and What’s next? The answers to these basic questions simplify and inform strategic planning for your money and your life.

Investment Management
Momentum is inherent in financial markets. Trends persist – both up and down – often for years at a time. Our Active strategy employs our proprietary investment strategy, ACTIVE PORTFOLIO ENHANCEMENT®, takes advantage of this phenomenon, known as the persistence of winners and losers. This strategy is both quantitative and qualitative. It allows us to actively manage individually designed portfolios that respond to measurable trends in the ever-changing global asset markets and economy. This is how, over time, we are able to build positive momentum for our clients’ portfolios.

Because every client’s portfolio reflects individual requirements and specifications, we also offer two additional, lower-risk strategies, Stable Growth (which combines ACTIVE PORTFOLIO ENHANCEMENT with fixed income and alternative investments) and Cash Reserves, which seeks to maximize the yield on your cash investments.

Financial Planning
It is impossible to know where you are headed unless you know where you are right now. Whether you are saving for retirement, your children’s education, or moving from the city to the country, you are going to need a road map to reach your ultimate destination. Our financial planning process provides you with the information and tools you need to set the course for your financial journey. Since your life and financial situation will continue to change over time, your financial plan must be a living document that will continue to reflect those changes. A financial planner can help you develop a plan that continually asks and answers the questions that build positive momentum toward your financial goals: What’s working? What’s not?


Career/Life Coaching
How can you build positive momentum for life without addressing life itself? Life is an evolution involving multiple changes, challenges, and concerns. Hoping everything will work out or constantly worrying that it won’t is understandable but not effective. An expert can help you at the front end or at challenging times along the way with the questions you need to ask and by articulating the relevant answers that will result in an actionable plan and a strategy that helps you build positive momentum in your life and career. What’s working in your life? What’s not? What’s next?

Why Choose Bell
Every member of the Bell Team is highly competent in his or her role and is committed to creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere of respect, ethics, comfort, and care that is tangible when you visit our office. We are a tight-knit team and have together agreed that our mission is to enrich people’s lives through each of our primary offers: Investment Management, Financial Planning, and Career/Life Coaching. We believe this is a rare opportunity in the marketplace.

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